Back to basics

Day 2, 2018.

So yesterday I set myself some ground rules.

Today was about working out how to make them work.

I had some activity choices:

  • Run early morning
  • Run after 2 plus hours in the car, the day after running 2 back to back parkruns
  • Go to the gym and cross train.

The early morning run was crossed off my list as my running kit was muddy/wet/smelly from doing the New Year’s Day parkrun double the day before.

The fun when I got home was crossed off as well. I haven’t run further than 5km since October, and although I’d felt fine running 10km yesterday, having had a stress fracture, I’m hyper aware of upping the intensity too quickly.

The parkruns were great fun though. Meeting up with some of the Walsall parkrun crew, and Neil & Pilla made for some happy, splashy running.

So gym it was!

When I was injured/rehabbing, gym and cross training were a huge part of my routine and I enjoyed doing it and the results I got.

So I dug out my old notebook with my go-to session in and hit the gym!

Man I had fun. At one point I realised I was dancing in what was supposed to be a rest interval.

I did a 5kin warm up on the bike, then 30x30s HIIT exercises with 30s recoveries. My go-to list wasn’t long enough, so I threw in some physio exercises I’d been given and a few bits I remembered from my circuits days.

Had to scribble it down when I got home so I can replicate it!

And my excuses about ‘evenings are too busy’?


I have everything I need at home to do this session in the lounge.

My other ground rule I’ve worked on today is the ‘home organisation’.

As soon as we got home, we unpacked, sorted laundry, I packed some bin bags for the tip, and had a five minute blast at clearing my floordrobe.

Somehow, still, got time for a bath, do a basket of ironing and do some knitting too!

Back to work tomorrow, and working from home. Let’s see how sticky my resolve really is!


2018: the year of progress

Day 1 of 2018.

I’m not into ‘new year, new me’ type resolutions. Life is an adventure and setting too many goals can restrict your opportunity to take a chance if it doesn’t fit the mould of what you’ve set yourself.

What I do like to do is set myself some ‘ground rules’ to start the year well and work on improving the good habits I’ve learnt over the years.

So here’s my thoughts/plans for what I’d like to find/build/grow this year.

  1. Keep building a routine that means the home we live in is tidy and clean. With all the family chipping in and helping.
  2. Find a balance in the routine we have at home that means all of us get to do the fun stuff. Regular parkruns, going on parkrun tour with friends (I’m at 39 unique venues, it would be nice to get to the 50). And I’m going to try a running club out to see how that feels. I also want to restart the habit of one activity a day (Run, walk, swim, gym, class).
  3. I’m determined that this is the year I reach a healthy weight. I’ve come so far since I made the choice to change my lifestyle, but I’ve never quite reached that moment of saying ‘yes, this feels good and this is healthy’.
  4. Take time to read books and knit. They are hobbies I enjoy, but don’t do enough of. I’d also like to learn something new this year. I’m considering sign language or quilting (I like the idea of a race t-shirt quilt for keeping memories).
  5. Be generally kinder to myself. I’m good at seeing the positive in others, but the first to criticise myself. So this year I’m going to find a way to change that. And writing is one of the ways I find this space, so I think there may be more blogs to come this year!

I think 5 is enough! And they’re all based around things I’ve been working on anyway, so I see this as a work in progress, not a new start.

A year in review.

How do I sum up a year of changing my life?

How do I sum up personal achievements that I could never imagined possible?

How do I sum up friendships & family that have supported me through thick & thin?

Like this:

New Year, Happier Me!

Exactly two years ago, I wrote a post called New Year, Old Me about how I wanted to become healthy.

At the time I wrote the post, I don’t think I’d still be on this journey two years later.

My first year was a breeze, the weight came off quickly and I found I enjoyed the journey. Then came Christmas and I spent six months battling to lose the weight I put on in two weeks.

Then over the year, I rediscovered my activity mojo. I started with Swimathon & swam 5k for Marie Curie in April, and loved it.


Then I had a bike for my birthday, and spent the summer happily cycling along the canal towpaths to and from work until I crashed. I still haven’t got over the fear of getting back on my bike but when the lighter days come back – I’ll be back!

Also in the summer, I joined The People’s Orchestra and I’ve found that being musically active again has improved my mental attitude & outlook. I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed music in my life, plus the commitment & work required to do my bit, and the fab new friends I’ve made have helped me refresh my attitude to a lot of things.

Over the summer, I gradually began to pick up my Couch 2 5k podcasts and began to enjoy finding time to run on the treadmill, and after a Parkrun suddenly realised that I found running joyous. That triggered me to look for help in getting better at it. With encouragement from my husband & some of our Twitter friends I’ve joined a beginners running group run by the West Bromwich Harriers. Again, I’ve started seeing myself in a new light, by what I’ve achieved with them & the new friends I’ve made.

I’ve also discovered a whole new world of friendship through Twitter, some of these friendships have spilled into the real world, but even those that haven’t are amazing. When I’m happy, people celebrate with me, when I’m down, there’s always someone to listen. And more often than not, I find myself inspired and in hysterical laughter with some of the conversations.

This year, I’m not making resolutions. I’m going to commit to making time to run, and I’ve entered a 10k event in May, so have a goal to work for. My goal to be a healthy weight, and a good role model for my children all of a sudden feels tangible and within reach, and I have no doubt I’ll get there.


New Year, Old Mission

A year ago, I wrote a blog post called New Year, Old Me – I pledged to myself that I would end 2012 healthier than when it started, and I’ve achieved that pledge.

Over the last 12 months I’ve lost 37lbs – with some ups and stumbles along the way.

I can now run 5k – at the beginning of the year, I couldn’t run for 5 minutes.

I’ve gone down three dress sizes and am no longer self conscious when I go out socially.

I still have about another 35lbs to go to reach a healthy weight – in the BMI tracker I have about 7lbs to go to no longer be obese.

I’ve blogged some of my highs and lows through the year and you can find them here.

For 2013, I’m not making any new resolutions, only to commit to my ongoing mission to be healthy, for me, for my children, for life.


Happy new year, I hope 2013 is amazing year!

Picture Almost Perfect!

It’s been two weeks since my last blog post.

But this time it’s been for the right reasons – instead of sitting in the arm chair every Friday afternoon, I’ve been going to the gym – and loving it!

When I started going about 3 weeks ago, I could run in blocks of 10 minutes. I’m now running/jogging non-stop for 1/2 an hour!

I’m feeling more energetic, I’m more focused on things, and I’m losing the pounds slowly but surely.

Last week I lost 1/2lb, and this week 1lb.

That doesn’t sound much, I hear you say!

Well to me, it’s massive!

I’ve been on this journey for 39 weeks, and that 1 little pound I lost today means I’ve lost 35lbs altogether.


I feel wonderful.

Clothes fit me. I have a jaw line. People who I don’t see often are commenting.

And today, I decided to do a quick before/after picture to mark this milestone – I didn’t think I would see much difference, but I’m blown away by how much I’ve changed in 10 months.


What do you think??

The left hand picture was taken in December 2011, just before I began losing weight, the right hand picture was taken 2 weeks ago.

Yes, I’ve got another 35lbs and more still to lose, but if I feel this good now, how amazing am I going to feel when I cross that finish line??

Keep on running….

This week I had a ‘stay the same’ on the scales.

I’m not disappointed though.

Since my last weigh in, I’ve been to the gym twice and run for longer than I ever have before.

Every time I add exercise into my routine, my weight loss pauses – I think my body goes into shock!!

What surprised me about going to the gym is … I really enjoyed it.

I set the program up, earphones in, audiobook on, and I’m away.

Last Friday, I ran for a block of 10 minutes – a first for me. Then on Sunday, I did a block of 15mins, and a block of 10 mins.

This Friday, I did one solid block of 20 minutes! In my head, I just keep saying “1 more minute” and I do it!!

The other inspiration I had this week came at my meeting.

I’m currently on a trial run as a helper – signing up new members. This week we were a little shorthanded so helped weighing people in.

It was great congratulating people when they’d lost, and giving out silver sevens & 10% key rings. But it was also good to feel like I was encouraging those that hadn’t had a loss. The sensation of being there to help can’t be beaten. I left my meeting grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

So here’s to another happy week, running, skipping & limping all the way!