I put my blue shoes on…

Thursday is Aquafit day. 

The sexy blue shoe covers go on. 

I get changed and anticipate the lesson. Hard work but I know what I’m doing. Bring. It. On. 

Ha!! I know nothing!!

The instructor has brought along some new moves!

In the cardio – hopping on one leg, while swinging the other forward and back. 

Yeah. You try it on land. 

Now try it in water!

In the strength section she’s decided it’s leg day. 

Dumbells aside. Grab a noodle. 

Hook it under your foot. Let the noodle float your knee to the surface and push down to the floor. 

After 8. This is easy. 

After 16. Ok. This is NOT easy.

After 32. Please. Let us swap legs!

Nope. Now small fast pulses.

All the while the noodle is nudging me in the back. Make your own jokes there. 

Just when I thought my leg was going to drop off ‘change legs!’

I like it when the instructors change stuff – stops me getting cocky and complacent. 

And also makes a change for it not to be my shoulders on fire after class!

Day 21 of my kilometre a day complete!



Ice ice baby!

It’s Saturday so it’s parkrun day. 

As I’ve been under doctor’s orders not to run, I’ve been trained up as a Run Director. 

Today was the first day I felt a little pressure (apart from my first time!) as there were parkruns being cancelled left, right and centre due to the ice and it’s the  RD’s responsibility to make that decision based on whether it’s safe or not. 

We have a great team at Walsall. We have Mike & Ursula who do the course set up every week – when we arrived Mike had already recce’d the course, flagged a few icy bits but I was able to make the ‘go’ decision.  

We had a lovely (but cold!) morning, including bacon butties in the cafe & then a quiet afternoon. 

Then it was off to the gym to do my HIIT pyramid on the bike (12km) and my core session. 


Stunning Summer

So it’s been a while since I blogged. 

Blogging is a bit like a diary for me, I write when I have the time and when I can find the right words. 

And since my end of 2014 blog it hasn’t felt the right thing for me to do to blog. 

At the beginning of the year I began my marathon training – all guns blazing for Manchester Marathon, so I didn’t have time. 

Then that went all a bit wrong when I slipped on some ice walking to work, then a few weeks later fell down some stairs – injuring my hip. And this left me extremely sad and I couldn’t find the words. 

Then came my summer. My sensational, superb, stunning summer. 

I rebuilt my running and ran in fancy dress. 

I ran a half marathon with family doing their first half – and had great fun. 

I did a trail run and put away some demons. 

 I ran through the woods and mountains of Wales in an amazing trail half. 

I ran some great park runs with great friends. 

And then I got to do the Tour of Merseyside. 52 miles, 7 days, 6 races, 1 amazing event. This was the one thing I wanted to do this year and I got to do it. And I ran every single step with joy and a smile. 

And then I took part in Thunder Run 24. What a race. Surrounded by friends, camping, laughing, running, chatting – you can’t beat the feeling of sharing something you love with people who love it too. 

And then came the results of the MRI I had on my hip. 

I have a suspected stress fracture. So back on the bench for a while. But it will heal and I’ll be back on my feet when it does. 

In the mean time I’m enjoying swimming in the pool, and the open water. I’m back on Benedict the bike and I’ve rediscovered my favourite Aquafit class. 

If the tone of this blog is a little whistful, it’s because I’m reflecting on how much fun I’ve had over the summer and how much I’ve achieved. Not because I’m wishing for something I can’t have. 

No regrets. I’m looking forward to healing, rebuilding and having more fun and adventures along the way!

A year in review.

How do I sum up a year of changing my life?

How do I sum up personal achievements that I could never imagined possible?

How do I sum up friendships & family that have supported me through thick & thin?

Like this:

Happiness is…..

Happiness is….

Seeing my sister for the first time this year, and falling asleep on her couch while she plays games with the children & Chris.


Happiness is….

Arriving in Swanage to stay with my in laws, and having a view like this:


Happiness is….

Waking up early & going for a run along the beach:


Happiness is….

Watching the children have fun on the beach:


Happiness is…

Walking to the top of a cliff with the family, with your son striding off confidently, while your daughter overcomes her fear of falling, to reach a view like this:


Happiness is…

Running sub30 at Parkrun for the very first time, when you didn’t expect to yet!




Happiness is:

Your husband saying “I knew you’d do it.” And the wonderful friends I have in the Shabbas, and the wider twitter running family sending wonderful congratulations messages that make you tear up.


Happiness is….

Spending the afternoon on the beach, relaxing in the sunshine with Chris, watching the children do what children do, and having a 99!




Happiness is…

Knowing no matter what, I’m surrounded by people that care.

Happiness is…


Hurtling Round Hartlebury

I’m on mummy duty for a couple of weeks, and I was mooching around Twitter looking for some ideas about a day out, and came across a link to Hartlebury Museum in Worcestershire for kids go free – thanks as always Sally! (click here for Raring2Go! or click here for Sally’s Twitter feed )

It’s a lovely place. With the Raring2Go! Voucher, and my boy being under 5, I only had to pay for me – £5.00, plus a £1 each for the children to do the craft activities.

There is tons going on, this week it’s all about the Romans, so we made Roman ‘clay face pots’

20120801-151515.jpg 20120801-151522.jpg

20120801-151528.jpg 20120801-151534.jpg

We also had a good mooch around the museum, looking for ‘A-Z’ treasure hunts, and along the way we discovered some fantastic items:

20120801-151911.jpg  20120801-152229.jpg

The children also had the chance to have a go at some archery (£2 for 4 arrows) and they adored this, so we had to do it twice!

20120801-152707.jpg 20120801-152713.jpg

Especially as they both got bullseyes!!

20120801-152845.jpg 20120801-152851.jpg

We got the chance to learn how to write in Roman Cursive script as well:


And dress up a Roman Soldier:


We had a lovely picnic, it stated dry enough for us to eat in the picnic area, plus I got to put the children in the stocks!


We then had a little wander around the ‘Old Moat Coppice’ which is a small nature trail and picnic area – very pretty and a great place for hide and seek!


We’ve had a great day – and the children want to go back next week for the ‘Greek’ crafts!