Fitting in getting fit

Its been a little while since I posted an update on my journey to a healthy weight.

I’ve had a really good run recently, losing half a stone and been pretty active as well.

In the last few weeks I’ve tried zumba, yoga and circuits. My problem with classes is making time for them. My work hours can be a little erratic and I struggle to find a regular routine. Plus I’ve got no-one to go with – and although I have no issues going on my own, I think classes are much more fun when you’ve got someone to giggle with.

I also ran my first ever proper 5k last week. By proper, I mean at an event, with people & not in a gym on a treadmill. I was able to go with hubby to a Parkrun, as we had an extra pair of hands to help with the kids, while staying at parents in Liverpool. To find out more, read my hubby’s blog here. I had a wobble in the week leading up to it: “what if I come last?” “I don’t want to get the record for slowest ever 5k”

As ever, Twitter came to the rescue with encouragement and stopped my wobble!

It was a lovely sunny morning, and I was very nervous, not least as my fastest time in the gym is 52 minutes, and the slowest finisher the week before was 43 minutes. But I was there and no matter what I was determined to finish.

And I did.

In 37 minutes!

And I enjoyed it!

And I wasn’t last!

I was 186th out of 190.

Not bad for my first time. I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance to do it again as we need childcare plus it clashes with the kids’ swimming lessons, but if I get the chance I will.

The other thing I’ve rediscovered is cycling. Hubby bought me a bike for my birthday and I’ve gradually been regaining my confidence with riding it.

Today I went for my first proper bike ride along the canal and it was great. I felt 12 years old, and grinned the whole time. I cycled 9k in just under an hour. I’ve no idea if that’s bad or good but I don’t care – it was fun!



Tiptoe Along the Towpath

What a lovely afternoon.

On Good Friday, I wrote about a walk we took along the local canal network. (read more here)

Today, we took a slightly different route. We got the train from Dudley Port up to Coseley. Then walked back.

The weather was glorious, although plenty of muddy puddles were left from the recent downpours.

We saw some barges and picked flowers. It was just a lovely walk in the fresh air

It really blew the cobwebs away after all the recent rain.

Here’s a few pictures to remember the day.









My husband took some 360 degree pictures that you can view:

360 degree (1)

360 degree (2)

And here’s the map of the route we took:


Hard to believe we live in an urban area!

Bank Holiday Bridges in the Black Country

Having not seen the children all week, once we got our plumbing disaster sorted (dull story!), we decided to go out & do something as a family.

Living in the Black Country, in the Midlands, we’re blessed with a vast canal network, and many of them intersect around us, so we chose to go for a stroll.

To make it a bit more of an adventure, we decided to get the train from Dudley Port up to Smethwick Galton Bridge. Galton Bridge was built by Thomas Telford and was a huge engineering achievement at the time – there’s some information on Wikipedia

As we were strolling along, I became fascinated by all the different bridges we came across & started snapping pictures – starting with Galton Bridge:


There were a huge variety as you can see here:


The one below is the M5 motorway near Junction 2:


There were weeping willows along the tow path, which made a pretty frame for a family picture (with a bridge in the background!)


I mentioned the amount of intersections around us, which gave me the opportunity to snap this picture:


We were also lucky enough to see a couple of barges – one a working one:


The other one a day tripper:


All in all we walked about 4.5 miles and talked nonsense, and said hello to the various cyclists, joggers, dog walkers & fisherman.

We finished off our walk by walking down a section called Eight Locks.


So after a long and pleasant walk, we’re going to have fish & chips for tea then Hot Cross Buns for pudding.

If you’re interested in our route, here it is: