Running scared? I did tonight. 

I do must of my running alone. Apart from parkrun & races. A busy work & family life means I have to fit running in when I can. 

On a Tuesday, my daughter has a 90 minute swimming lesson. So I’ve started fitting in a 3 or 4 mile run. 

The pool is at a school in a nice area of Birmingham and faces onto a well lit dual carriageway. 

I’m aware when I run I am lumpy, and jiggle. And yes this makes me self conscious. But running in the dark means hi-vis and lights. 

Be safe! Be seen!

So off I go. 

There are plenty of cars, bikes, runners, people and it’s well lit. 

Half way I become aware of foot steps keeping pace with me. 

I look over my shoulder thinking it’s another runner wanting to pass and there’s a man and his mate running on next to me, mocking me. 

I’ve often wondered what my fight or flight response would be. 

Apparently it’s fight. 

Are you trying to be funny?

Do you realise how intimidating that is?

Another woman passing by asked if I was ok. 

I thanked her, said yes, and ran to the McDonalds (where I was planning to turn around at). Sat down. And burst into tears. I text Chris to tell him what had happened. 

I’m now 2 miles away from my daughter. Alone. In the dark. And frightened to run back knowing I have no other choice. 

I ran the first mile terrified and catching my self with a sob. 

I ran the second mile fuming. 

These men were to trying to hurt me, they thought they were being funny. 

And yet. 

They’ve made me fearful and made me feel initimidated about something I love and struggle to find time for.  

I’ll not quit. I’ll be back out there. 

I will not run scared.  


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