Guess who’s back…

After my lovely little tester with my son on Wednesday, it was time to run alone and outside – without any distractions from my little chatterbox. 

So I went back to where it all began. The Sheepwash nature reserve at the back of the local estate is lovely and it where I first learnt to run – back in couch 2 5k days. 

It’s pretty and full of wide, flat, well maintained pathways. 

The plan? 

5 minute warm up, 3 minute runs with 1 minute recoveries, and a 5 minute cool down. 

It was a lot harder than I remember, but I knew there was going to be a difference between outdoors and treadmill running. 

I took it steady and tried to enjoy it. 

I covered 3 miles – on the treadmill this session was 2.3miles so I’m stronger than I thought!

Tomorrow I’m back at parkrun and I’m going to give it a go and have some outdoor running fun with mates! 


Every day in every way, I’m getting stronger. 

This week seems to be all about hospital waiting rooms!

Week 5 of lower limb Physio. 

Massive progress is being made. 

My balance is improving both 2 legged and 1 legged. 

My ankle flexibility is improving. 

And the Physio keeps making the exercises harder!

I then attend work in full gym gear – today I rocked the ‘be safe be seen’ look or the ‘neon carrot’. 

And StreetFIT seems to be making massive changes overall. 

I can see a change in my shape. 

I’m trying new things – tonight was boxing and tricep dips (ouch!)

And I’m getting stronger – I managed to do the v-sits with a weight this week, I’m squatting lower and for the first time ever I planked for 50seconds – never made it past 45seconds before!

I swear I could see steam coming off me in the cool down!!

Run with the Son. And a thank you. 

For the last three weeks my son has been asking when him and I could go for a run together as ‘it’s been AGES!’

I’ve hated explaining to him that I wasn’t allowed to run out doors as its fab that he wants to share something with me. 

We spent last summer running together – our block is just over a mile and we got in the habit of running parkrun together. 

Today I had an appointment.  And have finally had the green light to begin running again – with lots of warnings about stress fractures and what to do if symptoms reoccur. 

So when I got home from work, I said ‘it’s raining, it’s windy, dark and cold. Do you want to go for a run?’

His utter joy when he shouted ‘you can run again??? Yes please!!’ Made me utterly happy. 

So we went out in the freezing rain, the miserable wind and we ran round the block, chatting, laughing and having fun as if no time had passed since the last time we ran together. 

I’ve been overwhelmed by the kind and happy comments on social media about our little run around the block. The running community is truly special. 

So I’ll end with two cliches that ring home for me.  

Thank you all for your support, kindness and friendship. 

Now. The hard work begins….