Slowly & steadily. 

Double day!! I love double day!

Physio gym class is fun. And I can tell I’m improving – my one legged balance on the trampette is definitely less wobbly!

And I definitely work up a sweat. Which is nice for my work colleagues. 

And StreetFIT in the evening takes it to a whole new level. 

No two weeks are the same. Nothing is easy. 

And I’m seeing progress there too. 

My core strength is improving and as a result my form is improving and I’m getting stronger. 

Two weeks ago I worked with an 8kg kettle bell – two handed, and the heaviest weight I’d ever worked with. 

Tonight I had one in each hand and lifting them simultaneously. 

Then the sprint musical ‘statues’ nearly made me vom. 


But I absolutely love it!!


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