Technology is my friend…

But that annoying friend you love but want to punch. 

Today’s treadmill run was planned for 1 mile steady, 3 mins faster, 1 mile steady. Plus an extra mile flat out in memory of my friend who passed away the other week. (Our club have all done a #mileformarcus today and donated to the charity account his family are supporting). 

Technology had other ideas. 

5 minute warm up. Garmin beeped to start the first mile. Screen froze. 

Ok. I’ll just have to monitor it on the treadmill display. 

1 mile done. 3 minutes quick begins. 

Treadmill begins cool down mode. 



Push through the 3 minutes and take a snap of the finish screen. 

Manage to reset Garmin. 

Try and start it up again. I’ve managed to FULLY reset it and it needs a gps signal to be useable. 



Sod the second steady mile, let’s go full on in and get the fast mile done. 

Off I go. Gradually increasing the pace so I felt I was pushing it, but could keep it going for a full mile. 

0.99 miles – ‘user stopped workout’. 



So I’ve had to admit defeat with technology. 

And as for my mile – it’s the quickest I’ve run this year, and yes it’s 0.01 short but I think Marcus would find that as funny and frustrating as I do – and he’d point out the new pace benchmark I’ve given myself. 



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