Mixed up 

Tonight was back in the gym. 

I’m trying to keep the variety going. 

So tonight was 30 mins on the exercise bike using the fatburn HR setting where the bike adjusts the resistance to keep your HR in a specific zone. 

It was fine. Worked up a sweat. Covered the miles. 

Then I hit the mats for some core & flexibility work. 

It’s getting harder to stay positive which is ridiculous. I have an appointment soon where I might get the all clear soon, which is exciting. But everything I do is indoors and apart from Crossfit is all done on my own.  

I’m supremely jealous of everyone outside (even in the horrible weather) and having adventures with friends while I watch. 

I’m grateful that I can do what I do in the gym, 3 months ago I was in a boot and could barely walk, so I’m not moaning- just needed to get it out of my head. 

Thanks for reading – tomorrow is a new day!


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