Challenge accepted…

Thursday is double day – Physio leg circuits at the hospital, and Crossfit with StreetFIT. 

Was asked if there was anything I wanted to focus on at Physio. No one was surprised when I said balance!

I’m loving Crossfit. 

The hour flies as you do everything in short bursts – but there is no easy! 

I love a challenge. Easy is boring. 

Tonight’s challenge was to attempt a chin up. I know my arms are rubbish, I’m overweight, and I’m a bit wobbly about climbing up on a box (I’m known for my clumsiness! See two leg fractures in 12 months last year). But I got up there and had a go. 

And failed to even lift my feet off the box never mind get any kind of lift!

But I tried something new and now I have the thought that if I keep working, and going to Crossfit, who knows what I might achieve next time I try!

Now! Time for a well earned rest. 



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