When the kids are away…

Me and Chris go for a swim at the same time instead of playing child care tag!

My first swim since ‘lurgy gate’. Decided it was just about steady and stretch out. 

It was instantly obvious this wasn’t going to be my finest hour. 

So I went with my ‘just 10 more’ strategy. 

And got crosser and crosser that I wasn’t enjoying swimming at all. 

After 40 lengths I pulled myself together and went back to 20 lengths in a set. 

Still wasn’t having any fun but the lengths were ticking down. 

When I was running regularly and biking, swimming was my go to place to stretch out, recover and drift away. 

Until my routine gets back to that place, it’s now another thing I feel I ‘HAVE’ to do and I’m not allowed to swim breastroke until my hip gets the all clear so I’m finding it dull, as I’ve got no variety of stroke. 

Still it’s 2km done and I do feel stretched  out and fresher. 



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