Smashing Saturday

Last night I crashed. 

After the gastroenteritis the other week, I’ve had a lingering earache and sore throat, plus ridiculous tiredness (falling asleep at 9:30pm and sleeping through the 6am and 7am alarms). So after a long day at work, and Chris working late, which meant he didn’t get back till 7pm, I made the sensible choice to take a full rest day. 

I feel so much better for it today. And yes that means my kx365 challenge is on day 1 again, but it’s my challenge and I’d rather reset and recover than break. 

So this morning I was on duty as Run Director at Walsall parkrun in my swanky new RD vest. 

Then it was a MAHOOSIVE lunch out with friends. 

Home for a nap, then dragged myself off to do my treadmill intervals – 2.5 miles of 3 minutes on/1 minute recoveries. 

I was in full Equinox 24 gear as many of us decided to do a #runformarcus – my friend who sadly passed away this week. 

Safe to say, the thought of celebrating his life with a run soon helped me shake of the ‘do I have to feeling’ and put a smile on my face. 




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