Kill or cure…

Well that was seven days of sheer horror. I won’t go into detail but last Monday I was floored by gastroenteritis. 

Still I’m back.

Despite feeling ‘well’ I’ve been feeling so sleepy today that tonight was a bit of a test really to see if I was on the mend. 

So daughter at swimming I went up to the gym to try out the treadmill. 

5 min warm up/cool down with 8x3min run intervals with 1min recoveries. 

Covered 3.25km. 

Felt absolutely fine stamina wise. 

Form was all over the place for the first half but settled down. 

And the best bit? Feel like I’ve sweated out some of the lurgy. Feel ‘cleaner’. 

So I’m back, nice and steady this week, but I’m back. 



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