Short, sweet, steady and strong

Monday. Run day. 

Treadmill a go go. 

1 mile steady, 6 mins quick, 1 mile steady. 

Plus warm up and cool down. 

That felt easy and strong – although the time dragged a bit tonight. 

Looking forward to dinner and feet up though!


Steady Sunday. 

Tonight I’ve hit the exercise bike. 

7.5miles/steady 30 minutes – after yesterday’s 5 miles I wanted to give my legs a rest. 

I’ve ummed and ahhed all day about what to do today. 

And my whole day has been umm and ahh. 

Busy, but bitty. Good but meh. 

I’ve had the honour of seeing results roll on from half marathons all over and PB’s, glory and happy runs happening all over my time line. 

So here’s my bit of happy. 


Saturday smiles. 

The day starts with parkrun. Time keeping duty today and had great fun cheering mates round. And of course coffee and gossips afterwards too!

Then after lunch, race around the shops to buy my son some trousers and pyjamas as he appears to be having a growth spurt – either that or he’s borrowed his wardrobe from a ragamuffin Victorian street boy. 

Then it was treadmill time. 

Slight nerves kicking in. 

Today was time to up the miles again. To 5 miles. 

My last outdoor run was a 5 miler back in August last year. Two days later the stress fracture was diagnosed. So I was nervous. 

But I put Netflix on. Buckled down and got on with it. 

Had some lovely supportive tweets that kept popping up while I was running to make me smile. 

And it was easy. 

Take off the 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down and I did the 5 miles in 1:02.

And I could have run further at that pace. 

Yup. I’m happy.  

And Friday is done!


Mad week. Big project at work and all of a sudden I remember why I used to work part time!

Finished work at 6:30, as did Chris. But the difference is I was working from home, he was in town. 

One of those evenings where he walks in and I walk out – off to the gym. 

Via the local supermarket for petrol and tea – quickly! Yeah right! Catalogue of uselessness from both staff and customers. 

Then onto t’gym for treadmill intervals. 

Nothing exciting to report – all done and dusted 2.3miles done!


Slowly & steadily. 

Double day!! I love double day!

Physio gym class is fun. And I can tell I’m improving – my one legged balance on the trampette is definitely less wobbly!

And I definitely work up a sweat. Which is nice for my work colleagues. 

And StreetFIT in the evening takes it to a whole new level. 

No two weeks are the same. Nothing is easy. 

And I’m seeing progress there too. 

My core strength is improving and as a result my form is improving and I’m getting stronger. 

Two weeks ago I worked with an 8kg kettle bell – two handed, and the heaviest weight I’d ever worked with. 

Tonight I had one in each hand and lifting them simultaneously. 

Then the sprint musical ‘statues’ nearly made me vom. 


But I absolutely love it!!

Technology is my friend…

But that annoying friend you love but want to punch. 

Today’s treadmill run was planned for 1 mile steady, 3 mins faster, 1 mile steady. Plus an extra mile flat out in memory of my friend who passed away the other week. (Our club have all done a #mileformarcus today and donated to the charity account his family are supporting). 

Technology had other ideas. 

5 minute warm up. Garmin beeped to start the first mile. Screen froze. 

Ok. I’ll just have to monitor it on the treadmill display. 

1 mile done. 3 minutes quick begins. 

Treadmill begins cool down mode. 



Push through the 3 minutes and take a snap of the finish screen. 

Manage to reset Garmin. 

Try and start it up again. I’ve managed to FULLY reset it and it needs a gps signal to be useable. 



Sod the second steady mile, let’s go full on in and get the fast mile done. 

Off I go. Gradually increasing the pace so I felt I was pushing it, but could keep it going for a full mile. 

0.99 miles – ‘user stopped workout’. 



So I’ve had to admit defeat with technology. 

And as for my mile – it’s the quickest I’ve run this year, and yes it’s 0.01 short but I think Marcus would find that as funny and frustrating as I do – and he’d point out the new pace benchmark I’ve given myself. 


Yes. I do glam up!

Wow. Full on work day. 

Late home so it was just as well I’d planned to use the exercise bike. 

Although it’s been a full on day, it’s not been a bad day. 

My timehop threw out a 4 year old picture – from a party where I’d felt glam (and I still like the picture) but where I’m clearly bigger than I am now. (In the picture the dress is a size 24. I’m currently a size 16). It reminded me how hard I’ve worked. I’m still a work in progress, but I’ve made massive changes that I’m proud of. 

So tonight’s spin intervals for 6 miles where hard work, but no harder than the 4 years work I’ve done and will continue to do.