31 days finishes with 3.1m

So it’s the end of the first month of the kx365 challenge. 

I’ve done a minimum of 1km every single day this month. 

To bring the month to a close I chose to hit the treadmill and do my longest run since August. 

5min warm up, 3 miles continuous running, 5 min cool down. 

3.1 miles. 

The magic 5k. 

parkrun distance. 

All over Twitter and Facebook on Saturdays and Sundays are people I adore sharing parkrun and long run stories of joy, happiness, challenge, frustration and most of all, community. 

Today’s 3.1 miles felt like I’d earned my place back in that wonderful muddle of running family chatter. 

I may have sat on the end of the treadmill and had a little cry. 

I hadn’t realised how much of a milestone the distance was in my head. 

And then I pulled myself together and did a core session!

February! I’m coming to get you!


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