Time to get Cross… 

Crossfit that is!

Thursday has always been my ‘class day’ normally Aquafit. 

But a friend in the running community has recently started circuit fitness classes and I’ve been hearing great things about them, but they’ve been on Saturdays which is parkrun day – and can be a bit manic as a family, so when I heard there was a Thursday Crossfit class starting, I jumped at the chance to go!

And I loved it. 

Firstly it was a great mixed bunch of people and lovely to see Jo & Emily who I’ve not seen FOREVER!

After a warm up, it was onto the 30s sets with 15s recoveries. 

Squat and throw a 6kg ball up the wall. V-sits. Weighted lunges. Kettle bell swings. Shuttle runs. 

5 rounds!

Then it was the squat challenge. Song called Sally Up. 

Every time the word was ‘up’ we stood up, when it was ‘down’ we squatted but had to wait for the word ‘up’ before we could stand back up. 


I’m going back next week. 

 leave you with my heart rate for the session. 



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