I put my blue shoes on…

Thursday is Aquafit day. 

The sexy blue shoe covers go on. 

I get changed and anticipate the lesson. Hard work but I know what I’m doing. Bring. It. On. 

Ha!! I know nothing!!

The instructor has brought along some new moves!

In the cardio – hopping on one leg, while swinging the other forward and back. 

Yeah. You try it on land. 

Now try it in water!

In the strength section she’s decided it’s leg day. 

Dumbells aside. Grab a noodle. 

Hook it under your foot. Let the noodle float your knee to the surface and push down to the floor. 

After 8. This is easy. 

After 16. Ok. This is NOT easy.

After 32. Please. Let us swap legs!

Nope. Now small fast pulses.

All the while the noodle is nudging me in the back. Make your own jokes there. 

Just when I thought my leg was going to drop off ‘change legs!’

I like it when the instructors change stuff – stops me getting cocky and complacent. 

And also makes a change for it not to be my shoulders on fire after class!

Day 21 of my kilometre a day complete!



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