Push it!!

Tonight finds me back in the pool. 

Last time I swam I was feeling a little disheartened and in a rut with my swimming so had decided to shake up my next session. 

Shake it up I did! 

Rather than worry about distance I decided to concentrate on effort. 


Let’s do this!!

So the vague plan was 100m warm up, then sets of 100m with 25m on/off efforts. 

So I check out the lanes. 

Breast strokers  in both fast lanes, and the slow lane. Medium lane empty. Conscious I’d be stop/starting I picked the empty lane. 

About to hit go on the watch and *splash* another swimmer actually fell into the lane next to me, smiled at me embarrassed, and pushed off doing breast stroke. 


So I ducked out to the main part of the pool and got going. 

The sprints flew by. I’d done a kilometre without noticing the time – although I definitely noticed the effort!

I cooled down with 500m steady – stretched out and headed home. 

I’d love to know what my watch picked up in the session as I REALLY pushed myself – lost the ability to bilateral breath after 500m! Unfortunately Garmin Connect is refusing to sync properly so I’ll have to wait!

But 1.5km swim done and feeling good. I think!



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