The hips don’t lie…

This time last year I was pounding the pavements doing 13m training runs in the sleet, rain and snow. The marathon was going to happen!

Then disaster. 

Walking to work towards the end of February I slipped on ice and bumped my hip. 

Seemed OK. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Half marathon race with mates. The hip got stiffer and stiffer. Until I had to DNF at 10k. 

Physio followed. Exercises felt great. 3 weeks later began feeling normal. 

Fell down the stairs. 

Hit the same spot. 

My language was vile. 

Fast forward to August.

After numerous appointments, an MRI and CT scan a stress fracture was diagnosed. 

Fast forward to yesterday. 

I needed to check something in a letter I’d had so rang the hip doctor. 

The reply:

“Yes, treadmill is fine. No roads or contact sports. Oh and your last scan showed the fracture is completely healed”

Again, my language was choice – but this time through joy. 

Tonight’s 2.3km on the treadmill were run in the knowledge that I’m on the way back and were full of joy. 



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