5:30am and the day begins…

The alarm was set. The kit was at the end of the bed. 

5:30am. Alarm goes off. 

Light gets put on and I begin to come to. 

I get up, put kit on and find work clothes to take with me. 

Brush teeth. 

Put contact lens in right eye. Hmm. Right eye not happy. 

Put left lens in. 



Right eye watering and blood shot. 

Left eye blurry. 

Realise I’ve dropped left lens. 

Can’t find it. 

Decide to take right lens out and just wear specs. 

Bin right lens. 

Find old pair of dailies. Put them in. 

Immediately find dropped left lens. 

Give up and decide dailies will do for today. 

Quietly leave house. 

Defrost car. 

Get to gym. 

Realise I’ve forgotten membership card. 

It’s ok – they find me on the system.

Go up to gym. Go to fill up water bottle. 

Water machine broken. 

Go to downstairs water machine. Watch the muscle boys doing chin ups.

Water bottle over flows. 

Sort it out and go back to the gym. 

Set up treadmill. 

Realise I’ve forgotten running watch. 


Yes. I’m having one of those moments.

Ok. Got HR monitor on so can use that with my vivofit. 

Off I go. 

Have a fab treadmill session and cover 2.26km. 


Yay for running!

Garmin decides Strava doesn’t need to know about this and won’t send the data over. 

Do a fab core session! Garmin decides Strava DOES need to know about this one and sends over immediately!


Core sessions are fun too!

Do my Physio stretches and legs feel ace!

Session done. Feeling good and hit the road to work. 

It’s 7:50am. Hopefully the rest of the day is a little less eventful!


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