Do I have to??

That’s how I felt after work tonight about going swimming. 

And thought about coming home, having tea then going to the 8:30 session. As my friend said ‘you’re kidding yourself. You’ll get home and then won’t go out again.’ 

And she’s right. 

So I dragged myself through the rush hour traffic to the pool. 

I’d eaten better today so knew I wouldn’t be dying but still felt hard work tonight. 

I did 20 lengths (600m in this pool as its a 30m pool) and decided to revert back to ‘just 10 more…’

I pretty much sulked my way through 1800m of my swim. The someone got in the lane with me. 

And he was a smidgeon quicker than me. So my last ’10 more’ became all about ‘DO NOT GET LAPPED!’

And I didn’t. 


Apparently I have a quiff now. Quiffs are cool.

I decided to compare my last few swims just to see if I really am struggling the way I feel I am. 

Looking at my pace per 100m over the last few swims I’m varying between 2:24 and 2:28 per 100m so I think it’s in my head as it often is. 

So I decided. If it feels tough it’s because I’m getting complacent with it. So I’m going to have a little think about how I can shake up my swimming! 

Day 12 done! 

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