The one that was a bit of a struggle 

Tonight’s kx365m was a 2km swim. 

Normally I do 4 sets of 500m (20 lengths). 

As soon as I started swimming tonight I knew that was going to be a struggle. 

I felt stiff, awkward and tired. 

It might be to do with the mammoth decluttering mission I’ve started. So far this weekend I’ve created a baking cupboard, reorganised three drawers, sorted the Tupperware cupboard and reorganised the worktops and shelves in the kitchen. 

Straight away I decided to ditch the plan and go with a strategy of ‘just 10 more lengths’. Knowing that in my head 10 lengths is nothing and I can always do 10 more. 

So off I went. Relaxed and forgot about form. And accidentally raced the girl in the next lane. 

I did my 2km in 8 sets of 250m in just over 48minutes so overall happy with that!

I’m pooped though! 



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