Coming home

Today’s kilometres were all about coming home. 

Home on a Saturday morning is Walsall parkrun. It’s here I found my love of running. It’s here I found my running family. 

I’m under Physio orders to keep my running to the treadmill so I decided this morning would be a 5km walk around the parkrun route. 

Ours is a 3 lap course and so I could finish around the same time as my friends I did a lap before the run, then 2 laps while the run was on. 

I’m glad I did. My solo lap was a great way to watch the park come to life. Walsall Arboretum is a very pretty park. 

 Captain Shabba Paul on his warm up!


Pre-parkrun group hug!

And then the two laps I did during the run were great. I felt part of the atmosphere again rather than observing it.  It felt like I belonged again. 

And I had some lovely chatter with the children as they walked with me (although daughter was VERY reluctant!) 


The hi-vis heroes who make sure parkrun happens. 


Next Saturday it’s my turn to run direct and cheer – and I can’t wait! 


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