Oops! Lost track of the treadmill!

Tonight was 2km on the treadmill. 5 minute warm up and cool down with 10 X 1 minute run walk/intervals. 

I have this programmed into my garmin so I got the gear on and off I went to the gym. 


My parkrun 50 shirt – first ever running outing for it. Earned it in July and received it in September!

It’s been a stressful day – daughter had a few things going on at school and ended up at A & E with my son as he had a suspected allergic reaction to something and his face came out in a rash and started swelling up. It’s all turned out ok though. 

But I’d forgotten how much running lifts the stresses of the day and feels damn good!

So good I heard my watch beep and assumed I was off on another run interval. Off I went. 

Hang on. This is a really long minute. 

Check watch. ‘Cool Down 3:54’. 

Oops! This meant I ran for 4 minutes non stop. And it felt ace!!!

I won’t be repeating it as its against Physio orders but good to know I still can!



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