Water baby!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I love being in the water. 

But even I get bored of always doing laps at the pool. 

So I’ve become a regular at Aquafit. 

45 mins of bouncing around in the water?

Not quite. 

The first 20 minutes are cardio – starting with marching on the spot moving to full body moves like ‘rocking horse’ or ‘spotty dog’ – on land these would be hard enough but in the water, you get resistance and if you do the moves right and keep them all under the surface it’s a damn good way to get your heart rate up and your body moving. 

The second 20 minutes is strength based. We use floats shaped like Dumbbells to great even more resistance and move to the deep end so you have to engage your core to be able to do the moves right. 

What moves? Press ups. Planks. Star jumps. Running up and down the pool. High kicks. You name it – it’s hard to do them fast on land – get in the deep end and do them with weights and it’s a whole other type of game!

The last 5 minutes is spent stretching and cooling down. 

Each week I get out the pool with my arms aching, my face flushed from the effort and a massive grin. 


smiling even though i know this is going to hurt!


still smiling afterwards!



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