Intentions and perceptions

Today is a return to my normal after work Tuesday swim. 

I’ve been going to this session regularly since I was diagnosed with my stress fracture. 

And it was a hard 1.8k swim (only had soup for lunch – maybe should have eaten more – oops), but it was an interesting one. 

There’s been a few posts taking the Mickey out of ‘new year resolution fitness’ and how all the regulars are bemoaning the crowds – all light hearted, but it’s had me thinking. 

Watching the mix of regulars and new faces jostle for room before the lanes went in. 

The regulars: 

  • The man with the weirdest breastroke technique I’ve ever seen – goes so deep he’s almost scuba diving. 
  • The fast boys bombing up and down like Michael Phelps (I’m jealous of these boys!). 
  • The head up breast stroke ladies. 
  • The lady in the shower cap who holds the side and pushes herself up and down the pool. 

The newbies:

  • The man with his sons in armbands. 
  • The new ladies who swam a length and chatted and then swam another length. 
  • The lady with the screw kick who swims diagonally across the pool. 

None of these people have gone to the pool to get in anyone’s way. They’ve gone to the pool to exercise, or meet a friend, or do Physio, or teach their children to swim. 

Made me think about how people perceive me when I swim. I try and keep a straight line and adapt to people around me. But I’m also confident, strong and fairly quick. Do I come across as arrogant or as hogging the line?

None of this is my intention, but only I know this – others judge me by my actions. 

So when the newbies join the gym, class or appear in the lane – my intention is to be considerate and smile and welcome them. Who knows what they might go on to achieve!


Oops. Wearing tights on swim days is not a great idea!



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