Swimming my aches away!

For day 3 of the Kx365 challenge a swim was on the cards. 

This had been discussed before travelling however when packing I’d thought blow it and not packed my cossie. Or my swimming watch. 

So a cossie was purchased and goggles. Luckily husband had a spare cap, although I often don’t bother with this (and get told off when I moan my hair is like straw). 

Off we went to the local pool at 8:30 on a Sunday. It was busy! 

As my pace has dropped significantly since my ankle injury, I chose the medium lane. And old school took a mental note of the time on the wall clock and off I went. 

The goal was 4 sets of 500m to do 2k in total. Which got done. And I feel marvellous. 

I’ve been hitting the core and cardio work quite hard along with my Physio and had found my hamstrings have been like rock – now they feel all loose and I no longer feel like I’m walking like John Wayne!

Swimming has always been my happy place. Somewhere I can get in and work without much mental effort so the brain drifts off all over the place – planning, working through problems, even just counting is quite therapeutic. This morning’s swim was just what I needed. 


serious bedhead!


Dame Edna goggles!



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