Kx365: parkrun voluntourism 

For day two of the challenge I decided to include my favourite Saturday activity: parkrun. 

If you’re not familiar with parkrun, it’s an amazing community driven free 5k all over the uk and beyond that takes place every Saturday morning – find out more Here

Both me and my husband agree that parkrun changed our lives. Without it, we probably wouldn’t have stuck with running – and that’s down to the amazing people – the runners, the volunteers, the supporters – they’ve become friends and family to us. 

This Saturday we decided to pop down to  Crosby parkrun – it’s a new one right on my parent’s doorstep. So my plan was walk there, cheer Chris, then walk home – 1 mile each way. Then last night I saw a call for volunteers, so decided to offer my services as a timekeeper and do a stint of voluntourism!

Off we went! And so glad I volunteered. The course is great. 1 mile grass, 1 mile road, 1 mile sand – Chris really enjoyed it. 

We bumped into my cousin who was marshalling – so this was lovely. But the whole team was warm, friendly and welcoming. So much so we stopped and had coffee with them afterwards. It felt like my home parkrun (Walsall) – I have a feeling it might become my second home for parkrunning once I’m allowed to run again. 

So day 2 complete. 2 miles walked. 😃. 


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