31 days finishes with 3.1m

So it’s the end of the first month of the kx365 challenge. 

I’ve done a minimum of 1km every single day this month. 

To bring the month to a close I chose to hit the treadmill and do my longest run since August. 

5min warm up, 3 miles continuous running, 5 min cool down. 

3.1 miles. 

The magic 5k. 

parkrun distance. 

All over Twitter and Facebook on Saturdays and Sundays are people I adore sharing parkrun and long run stories of joy, happiness, challenge, frustration and most of all, community. 

Today’s 3.1 miles felt like I’d earned my place back in that wonderful muddle of running family chatter. 

I may have sat on the end of the treadmill and had a little cry. 

I hadn’t realised how much of a milestone the distance was in my head. 

And then I pulled myself together and did a core session!

February! I’m coming to get you!


Testing the #noexcuses rule

Tonight was 30mins on the exercise bike – I think I covered 7miles. I forgot to check the screen before I reset it #doh

It’s fair to say I wasn’t feeling the love today but true to my promise to myself there are #noexuses 

So I dragged myself down and got it done. 

I’m glad I did, I’m still shaking off the DOMS from Thursday’s cross fit and my legs definitely feel looser. 

So I’ll shake off the mild blues and be glad that I’ve chosen to get it done when it would have been easier to not do it. 

Tomorrow is a new day!

Uh-oh DOMS. 

Last night’s cross fit has made itself known in my quads and glutes. 

So I decided to treadmill as usual and make sure I stretched properly afterwards. 

The gym was deserted tonight – January resolutions starting to wear off I think.

Tonight’s session was 5min warm up and cool down with 30minutes of 3 minute runs with 1 minute recoveries – I covered 3.25km. 

Definitely feeling looser!


Time to get Cross… 

Crossfit that is!

Thursday has always been my ‘class day’ normally Aquafit. 

But a friend in the running community has recently started circuit fitness classes and I’ve been hearing great things about them, but they’ve been on Saturdays which is parkrun day – and can be a bit manic as a family, so when I heard there was a Thursday Crossfit class starting, I jumped at the chance to go!

And I loved it. 

Firstly it was a great mixed bunch of people and lovely to see Jo & Emily who I’ve not seen FOREVER!

After a warm up, it was onto the 30s sets with 15s recoveries. 

Squat and throw a 6kg ball up the wall. V-sits. Weighted lunges. Kettle bell swings. Shuttle runs. 

5 rounds!

Then it was the squat challenge. Song called Sally Up. 

Every time the word was ‘up’ we stood up, when it was ‘down’ we squatted but had to wait for the word ‘up’ before we could stand back up. 


I’m going back next week. 

 leave you with my heart rate for the session. 


Early bird 

Today was 3km on the treadmill & a core workout. 

5:30 alarm call and into the gym for 6:30, bed head and all!  

1 mile steady and 3 minutes quick with 1 miles steady to finish (plus 5 minutes warm up and cool down!). 

Then it was onto core – upped my medicine ball weight to 5kg and attempted a plank for the first time in ages and got up to 30s which is the longest plank I’ve ever done. 


Is it bed time yet?

Tonight’s swim was ditched. Long & intense day at work sapped my energy for it and then worked late so knew I’d miss the session. 

Plan B is always available though. 

After a brief change of clothes I jumped on the exercise bike for a 5mile gentle spin. Ok. Sprint. 

Anyway. Job done. Day 26 and 5miles under my belt!



Circuits and Treadmills

Tonight was 3km treadmill intervals. 

This after my introduction to ‘lower limb Physio gym session’ run by my local hospital. 

My preconception was that this would be me and a gang of OAPs and an absolute doddle and waiting to go in it looked like this was the case. 

As we went in it was clear we were a mixed bunch and it was by no means a doddle. Proper circuits all focussed on strength and mobility. 

Felt great though – I like to be pushed and challenged. 

And my treadmill left me a little sweaty as well!