Stunning Summer

So it’s been a while since I blogged. 

Blogging is a bit like a diary for me, I write when I have the time and when I can find the right words. 

And since my end of 2014 blog it hasn’t felt the right thing for me to do to blog. 

At the beginning of the year I began my marathon training – all guns blazing for Manchester Marathon, so I didn’t have time. 

Then that went all a bit wrong when I slipped on some ice walking to work, then a few weeks later fell down some stairs – injuring my hip. And this left me extremely sad and I couldn’t find the words. 

Then came my summer. My sensational, superb, stunning summer. 

I rebuilt my running and ran in fancy dress. 

I ran a half marathon with family doing their first half – and had great fun. 

I did a trail run and put away some demons. 

 I ran through the woods and mountains of Wales in an amazing trail half. 

I ran some great park runs with great friends. 

And then I got to do the Tour of Merseyside. 52 miles, 7 days, 6 races, 1 amazing event. This was the one thing I wanted to do this year and I got to do it. And I ran every single step with joy and a smile. 

And then I took part in Thunder Run 24. What a race. Surrounded by friends, camping, laughing, running, chatting – you can’t beat the feeling of sharing something you love with people who love it too. 

And then came the results of the MRI I had on my hip. 

I have a suspected stress fracture. So back on the bench for a while. But it will heal and I’ll be back on my feet when it does. 

In the mean time I’m enjoying swimming in the pool, and the open water. I’m back on Benedict the bike and I’ve rediscovered my favourite Aquafit class. 

If the tone of this blog is a little whistful, it’s because I’m reflecting on how much fun I’ve had over the summer and how much I’ve achieved. Not because I’m wishing for something I can’t have. 

No regrets. I’m looking forward to healing, rebuilding and having more fun and adventures along the way!


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