Happiness is…..

Happiness is….

Seeing my sister for the first time this year, and falling asleep on her couch while she plays games with the children & Chris.


Happiness is….

Arriving in Swanage to stay with my in laws, and having a view like this:


Happiness is….

Waking up early & going for a run along the beach:


Happiness is….

Watching the children have fun on the beach:


Happiness is…

Walking to the top of a cliff with the family, with your son striding off confidently, while your daughter overcomes her fear of falling, to reach a view like this:


Happiness is…

Running sub30 at Parkrun for the very first time, when you didn’t expect to yet!




Happiness is:

Your husband saying “I knew you’d do it.” And the wonderful friends I have in the Shabbas, and the wider twitter running family sending wonderful congratulations messages that make you tear up.


Happiness is….

Spending the afternoon on the beach, relaxing in the sunshine with Chris, watching the children do what children do, and having a 99!




Happiness is…

Knowing no matter what, I’m surrounded by people that care.

Happiness is…



Parkrun, PBs, Pelsall & Perhaps?

It’s been a funny old weekend.

Full of happiness & excitement, hope and suspense.

It started at Walsall parkrun on Saturday morning.

I’ve been frustrated with my recent parkruns, as I’ve lost the ability to pace myself over three laps, going out too hard, dying on the second lap, and then having to work on the third.

So I decided to try an experiment, with a music playlist with a set tempo, to see if my musician side would react to having a metronome and regulate my pace. Forget time, forget PBS, just balance over three laps.

After the first lap, I was a bit surprised that I was running sub 10 minute miles – this is quick for me. But decided to ignore the pace still, I felt comfortable, and just decided to go with it.

As I passed the finish funnel, Chris shouted “keep going Sarah!”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t resist yelling “Na! Thought I’d stop!”

At which point, I could hear all the volunteers laughing and saying “that told you!”

The second lap, was as consistent as the the first, and then the third lap started. I still felt good, and was still going at the steady pace I was working at, and started to overtake people who I’d had in mind as people to aim for – but not yet, I wasn’t ready! Just shows what I know!

For the last hill incline, I was joined by Daz and Chris C for their cool down. It’s good to have company, when you’re tiring, it gives you a massive boost. This felt different though, I still had legs in me and was pushing myself. As we turned into the downhill, they were both egging me on, and then on the final straight, I could hear Daz yelling at me to go for it, and another runner on my shoulder shouting “don’t let me overtake you!”

I didn’t, that last sprint felt hard, but I loved it.

And when I looked at my watch, I couldn’t believe it. I’d taken 35 seconds off my PB for that course and 2 seconds off my full PB.

My goal for this year is to get a sub-30 minute 5k.

On Saturday, I ran 30:42.

I may need to set a new goal soon!

I made sure I thanked the runner who’d been chasing me down, and Daz and Chris for helping me through that last section.

And grinned for the rest of the day.


Then on Sunday, it was over to Chris, who was running the Pelsall 10k. There was a mass turnout of Shabbas as it’s a local race for a lot of us, and the first one run there for many years.

It didn’t quite go to plan, starting with us being at the front of a three car rear ender right in front of the common where the start line was.

The damage to my car is minor, and no one was hurt, so once we’d exchanged info with everyone, we joined our friends.

It was a good run for everyone, a little chat about the course being a little short, but even with that, everyone was pleased with their times, and the gang always have fun together!

I was cheerleading & photographer for the day, and got papped a couple of times, while if was papping!



Then it was home, to find out how our friends got on in the London Marathon.

I took over the Shabba twitter feed, to provide live updates to all our friends.

That was a privilege, as we shared excitement and hope for our friends, we managed to video a couple of them crossing the line. One of our friends dropped off the tracker, which gave us an hour of anxiety, until he crossed another tracking point.

By the end of the evening, this joy at their achievements changed to silliness, and we started on some cracking egg puns, after one of the lads ate 11, yes 11, cream eggs in one sitting!

All of this left me and Chris talking about the future, and I’m pretty sure one or both of us will be putting our names in the ballot for next year!