My first race

So today was my first race.

I took part in the Action Heart 5, a 5 mile hilly run around Dudley, starting at Russell’s Hall Hospital.

I’d been warned it was very hilly, and made sure the training runs I’d done around my town took in some hills, and the area we run with West Bromwich Harriers in Great Barr is very hilly too, and this week we did some hill repeats up a very hilly road. Although I found that session tough, I was glad of it today!

Because I was aware the route was hilly, particularly mile 4, I decided not to worry too much about pace, just find a steady rhythym and get round, hopefully in about 1 hour.

It was a hilly route, but as I was running, I realised I wasn’t finding it tough, I was enjoying it! Especially when I realised that whilst going uphill I was over taking people, and then they weren’t over taking me back.

The marshalls around the route were brilliant – holding the traffic at junctions, and cheering, encouraging and clapping EVERY runner round.

About the two mile mark, I could see a flash of red ahead, and chuckled to myself “that looks Shabba Red!” And it was! Baz and his wife Annemarie had turned out to cheer on me, Chris and Greg (our fellow Shabba who was also running). It made my day to see them and I ran the rest of the race grinning like a loon!

It was great to cross the line with Chris, Greg, Baz and Annemarie cheering me on.

I stopped my watch at 54:17, and that delighted me as was much better than I hoped for. I haven’t had my official finish time yet, as I’ve been missed off the official results, however Action Heart are looking into it for me.

UPDATED: official result now in. Placed 394/440 with 54:19

Me, Chris & Greg got nabbed by the Express and Star photographer at the start, so there’s every chance we might make the local paper tomorrow – which would be a nice momento.





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