Can’t Get You Out of My Head!

This week has been an odd one.

Some epic highs, and some head spinning lows.

Lets get the lows out of the way.

1. Missing the children while they’ve been on holiday with their grandparents.
2. Finishing hill repeats session with the Harriers and feeling utterly useless.
3. A shopping trip that left me feeling like I did when I used to go shopping for clothes when I was a size 24 – which led to a Twitter rant/meltdown, and me sitting on my own sobbing.
4. Realising that all my self-confidence had totally deserted me the night before Parkrun and two days before my first ever race.

Now the highs.

1. With the children being away, me and Chris have had some battery recharge time, we’ve managed to run together, we went out for a meal & generally enjoyed being together.


2. I damn well did those hill repeats and I did not quit. It was the hardest session I’ve ever done, mentally & physically, but I did it!

3. The shopping trip may have upset me, but what I remembered is that I have good friends, who are there when I need them. They listened, understood, sympathised, made suggestions then made me laugh! Not going to embarrass them – but thank you girls!

4. I found my self-confidence. I didn’t do it alone. Chris is a great sounding board. And I’ve recently discovered what it’s like to have a big brother. Again, not going to embarrass him, but he lifted a weight off my shoulders.

So how does the week end?

Well today I went on a Parkrun tour with The Shabba Runners to Wolverhampton Parkrun. With a little help from fellow Shabbas, Marissa, Jon & Daz, I got a PB of 30:44. And more importantly I had fun!


Tomorrow morning sees me & Chris running in the Action Heart 5 mile run up in Dudley. And I’m really looking forward to my first race.

Tomorrow afternoon sees the children coming home – and that will make the week perfect!


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