‘Allo My British Chums


I’m writing to you from the exotic side of the channel (otherwise known as my laptop!)

Yes! (Oui!) you’ve read that right. I’ve completed my swim across the English Channel & have arrived in Calais. (Ok, maybe I’m still in the West Midlands, but I’ve swum the full distance!)

22 miles in 12 weeks done.

I’ve had ups (broken some personal bests) and downs (falling off my bike & flu) but I made it!

I now have cuisses de grenouilles (that’s frog’s legs to you) and scales as I am now officially aquatic.


If you want to chip in towards the sponsorship page you can find that HERE.

So, what’s next for the nutter that is me?

On Saturday 1st December I’m doing the Liverpool Santa Dash for Claire’s House Hospice.

Yes, you read that right, I’m going to run 5k round the streets of Liverpool dressed as Father Christmas.

There will be pictures of me & my beard I promise!



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Long Time, No Post, No Stopping!

It’s been a while since I posted an update on my path to a healthy weight/lifestyle.

This is because I’ve been so busy actually doing it, I haven’t had time to reflect on it for a while.

My weight has been pretty much static for a while, but I’ve seriously upped how much activity I’m doing.

In my last post
, I mentioned I’d signed up to swim the Channel (virtually – swimming 22 miles over a 12 week period) and along the way raise some money for Aspire, a spinal rehabilitation charity. I’m currently 19.2 miles across and will be finishing this week. You can see my progress here – and if you have a pound or two to spare, they’d accepted gratefully!

I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made here, especially since I lost two weeks after falling off my bike. I was going too fast, downhill, in the wet and pulled the brakes too hard, and went over my handle bars. There are two reasons I walked away from it:
1. I landed square on my skull, and my helmet stopped me injuring my head. As it was I landed hard enough that my glasses flew off, and I crawled out of the road as I couldn’t lift my head.
2. A van driver saw me go and blocked the road with his van and prevented any of the HGVs that use that road from squishing me. He also then put my bike in his van and drove me home.

I’ll always be forever humbled by the kindess I was shown that day.

Luckily my injuries were fairly minor:

This was two weeks after the crash

This was two weeks after the crash

This was about 5 hours after I came off.

This was about 5 hours after I came off.

Since then, I’ve been out on my bike a couple of times, but it’s clear I’ve lost my nerve, expecially going down hill. So in the new year I’m planning to sign up for a local cycling course to get my bottle back. I’m not quitting as I love my bike and I love riding it.

In the mean time, I started with the Couch 2 5K plan again. This’ll be the third time I’ve attempted to get running, and given how successful my husband is, this time I was determined to give it a good go.

Earlier this year, while staying at my parents,I had a go at a Parkrun and with a combination of walking and running, I completed it in 37:28 and it was hell. I didn’t enjoy a minute of it. I was over the moon to finish, but was annoyed at my inability to get round the way I wanted to.

It’s hard for me to get to Parkrun regularly as it clashes with son’s swimming lessons, so I’m only able to go when we have a babysitter. A few weeks ago, we were at my parents again, so was able to have another go – at the same course. This time I had one target in mind: run the whole course.

And I did.

And I loved every minute of it.

And I got a new PB of 36:20.

And the next morning, I got up and ran again.

And in the afternoon, I signed up for a 5k fun run in Liverpool call the Santa Dash. Thousands of loons running 5k raound the city centre dressed as Father Christmas. I’ll be running with my husband and my auntie.

As we picked his costume up, we had to try it on!

As we picked his costume up, we had to try it on!

The next day, I started trying to work out how I could run more regularly, in a friendly, social way. And Husband suggested I try out Black Country Running Fit – their beginner’s group runs with the West Browmich Harriers, and a couple of our twitter friends started with them. In the new year, I’m plannig on becoming a full member of the Harriers.

So with a nudge from Jo & Kat, off I went. And I’m still loving it! I’ve totally got the running bug, and seem to spend most of my time thinking about when I can fit my next run in!.

I’ve also discovered the madness that is the Shabba Runners – they’re an informal running club that husband is part of – they run regularly together at Walsall Parkrun, but they egg on, encourage and support each other fabulously. I’m still trying to get a Number One Fan/Wife hoodie!

Sorry for the long post, but it has been a while and a lot’s happened!

In the mean time, Keep On Running!

Kepp on Running!

Kepp on Running!