Thank you & What’s Next?!?

Earlier this year, I swam a 5k sponsored Swimathon for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Many of you were extremely generous and sponsored me to complete the distance. All of you were encouraging and supportive – for which I am very greatful.

I’ve just had confirmation of my final sponsorship total:


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m totally blown away by your generosity.

In the mean time, I’ve had another moment of madness.

This time I’m going to swim the Channel. Not the real one, the metaphorical one.

No. I’m not talking gibberish, the idea is that over a 12 week period, I swim 22 miles, the distance across The English Channel.

I’m already 1.6 miles across as of this morning!

The charity that organises this event is called Aspire and they support people who have spinal injuries.

If anyone is feeling generous, my sponsorship page is here

As ever, your encouragement and support is welcome if sponsorship isn’t an option, and the above link also shows a map of my progress.

Wish me luck, and here I go again!


One thought on “Thank you & What’s Next?!?

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