Well the big day arrived on Saturday 27th April.
My swim was scheduled for 2.30pm and I had to be there at 2pm for registration.
Typically, I arrived at 1.45pm and was registered and on the poolside for 2.10pm and had to hang around for 20 minutes, chatting to other swimmers and realising I wasn’t the only one a little nervous!
We were assigned a lane, and each swimmer received a different colour hat so the marshals could easily tick off the laps as we went – I was angling for the flourescent pink one, but was allocated the white one .
Then we were told, we’d be called by name to start in 10 second intervals – and lo and behold I was first out in my lane. And that’s it we were off.
After that it was a case of doing a Dory – “Just keep swimming” (and if you don’t know who Dory is – shame on you! Watch ‘Finding Nemo’ immediately!).
The marshals called out distances every 10 lengths or so. After 40 lengths I checked my watch – thinking ‘1km done – woohoo!’ and ’40 minutes for a kilometre? That’s slow!’.
It was only when at length 74, the marshal shouted ‘2 to go Sarah!’, I paused and asked what distance they thought I was doing – they had me down for the 2.5km swim, not the 5k, and the pool was a 33 metre pool not a 25 metre pool!
After double checking, the marshal confimed that I was half way and had another 74 lengths to go for the 5K.
The lap count from 76 to 100 was the slowest 24 lengths on earth, it felt like they were never going to end.
Then all of a sudden I only had 38 left to do – then 10.
The last 10 were awful. Every stroke felt like my shoulders were going to come unstuck and the pain in my upper arms was agony…..BUT……I DID IT!!
In 2hrs 15mins and 19secs!
My overall rankings are below – I’m not sure how many took part, but I’m pretty pleased with my first ever challenge results:


And just to prove I completed it – here’s a before and after shot to amuse you all:

So far, my fundraising total is £317 so after all the saga above, the main point of this blog is to say a massive



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