The Big Day Approaches…

Wow! that happended fast!
I signed up for Swimathon on a whim back on February thinking “I’ve got AGES to train up to 5k!”
My swim is on Saturday 27th April. THIS WEEK! AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!
I have done the full distance – 200 lengths of my local pool took me 2hrs 10 minutes, which is faster than I thought and has given me confidence that I can reach the end on the day.

Since then, I’ve done a 3k swim that felt SO easy, and this morning a 1K swim that felt like I was swimming through treacle.

And that’s it.
Training done!
The big day is Saturday!
Can you sense my nervousness?
I may be nervous, but I’m also looking forward to the challenge and, as a water baby, just getting into the water and swimming.

I want to say a MAHOOSIVE thank you to all of you who’ve sponsored me so far – I’m currently at £185 of sponsorship which blows me away – I’d’ve been proud to get £50.

All of your sponsorship money is going to support Marie Curie Cancer Care and the fabulous support they provide for people with cancer.

There’s still time to donate, or just wich me luck, by clicking on the link below:

Sarah’s sponsorship page

Thank you again & wish me luck!


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