Well my epiphany and soul searching last week certainly had an impact!

I planned all my meals,/including making some 0point vegetable soup.

I tracked all my food honestly, including the “little bites” that mount up to “big bites”!

I also had the opportunity to see if i had the fitness and strength to swim 5K as my sponsored swim for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

My swim is taking place on Saturday 27th April, and although I had swum up to 3k, I was yet to attempt the full distance, and at the back of my mind there was a nagging doubt about whether i could make it or not!

I needn’t have worried, I managed the whole distance (200 lengths) in 2 hours and 10 minutes – and although there were moments it felt like I was swimming through treacle – it felt GOOD!

So this week, with all my ‘good behaviour’ I’ve lost 2lbs, and feel fantastic!

I’ve had some lovely comments about how I look recently, so although my weightloss had stalled, the activity and exercise have been having an effect on my figure and appearance.

I will be carrying on with my swimming once the sponsored swim has finished as I’ve rediscovered my passion for it. It’s also made easier by the opening of a new council pool in my area. Incidentally, I popped into tehe new pool today and walked in on the official opening ceremony – hosted by the mayor and Olympic medallist Rebecca Adlington!


Talk about an inspiration to continue the good work!!!

Now the cheeky part – if you feel you can spare a couple of pounds towards my sponsorship, I’d be really grateful – the link is HERE

So until next week, by which time I’ll have attended a family wedding and been on three day catered course – nice easy week for me!!!


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