Happy with Half

What a week!

It’s been great to be in back in some kind of routine.

On Saturday, I planned all our evening meals for the week, and made sure I had good packed lunch food on the shopping list.

For Saturday’s family tea, I cooked the sausage pizza from the new WW cookbook I treated myself too – the kids declared it scrumptious, and I and husband agreed.

I also promised myself I’d be more active this week in a mission to try and shift the 5lb Christmas present I gave myself. And I kept it.

Saturday, I used the treadmill and bike at the gym, and Sunday I used the X-Box fitness game I’ve got -I tried a bit of Tai Chi thinking it’d be a nice warm down – it was, but it left my thighs in TOTAL agony for 4 days!

On Monday and Wednesday I got the train into work, which means a mile walk each way in and out of the office, and I choose to walk along the canal, so it’s a really pleasant walk.

On Tuesday, I went on the X-Box again, and stretched out those Tai Chi thighs!

On Thursday, I worked from home, and had planned to go for a swim, but when we got there, we were met with an apology as the timetable on the website hadn’t been updated to show the closures for school lessons, so that was a no-go.

Instead of using my lunch break to swim, husband took me out for lunch to Pizza Hut, and we were really impressed with the ‘healthier’ choice on the menu. (I say ‘healthier’ as it’s still not healthy, but you can have a treat without having a blow out!)

They’re called Pizzetta, and there’s a veggie one, a prawn one and chicken one, and they come with unlimited access to the salad bar. I chose the chicken one, and was pleasantly surprised with how big it was (if you’re on WW, all three Pizzetta work out at 12 ProPoints each). And I filled my salad plate with ‘zero-heroes’. I really enjoyed my pizza and was SO full afterwards I wanted a nap!


So what was the result of my planning & activity??

I lost 2.5lbs! Which, if you think about, took two weeks to put on, so to lose 1/2 in one week gives me incentive to lose the other 2.5lbs this week.

Wish me luck!


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