Back to Basics!

Well the first weigh in of the year is over with!

Over the two week Christmas holiday I’ve gained 5lbs. This means I’m still 32lbs lighter than when I started this journey.

I would have liked a smaller gain, I knew a gain was inevitable, but had set my expectations at a 7lb gain, so I can live with 5!

So this week it’s back to basics – meal planning, packed lunches, tracking like a demon, and upping the activity!

I did 5k at the gym yesterday and have just done 26 minutes on Just Dance 4 on the Wii – on the Just Sweat setting.

If you’re wondering if it works – oh yes, as you can see here:


It was good fun though, and felt like a cross between dancing & aerobics – plus there are 4 dance styles, and each one has 10min, 25min & 45min sessions.

I’m going to add some variety into my activity – we’ve got various Wii games, X-Box games and DVDs, as well as use of the gym, pool & classes – so there’s no excuses!

Healthy me – here I come!


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