The one where the moon is made from cheese

On our way to pick up hubby from the tram station, 5 year old boy begins chattering:

“The moon is glowing! And I can see a smiling face. The moon is made of cheese. And there are cheese aliens, and they made cheese robots & a cheese spaceship. They came to earth & destroyed everything to make cheese earth with cheese dinosaurs.

I’ve just seen a cheese alien and eaten him.


Well that told me!


An Invitation From My Daughter

Letter from Daughter to me:

“Dear Mom,

Please come to the parent workshop! If you like to read you’ll have great fun at the literacy work shop. It starts at 9:00am – 10:00am in the hall. Please come otherwise I will be the only person without you. We don’t get to spend that much time together it will be lovely. Can you come? Please with a cherry on top with a bit of sugar! It is in the hall.

Ps try and come MOM! I will do the dishwasher for a week!

Yours sincerely”

Love it!

And yes… I went!

Tales From Our Dinner Table

And this is why I love family dinners:

Son: “When you & daddy die I’ll live here and look after the house – and I’ll tidy up the mess.”

Daughter: “and when I visit you I can have my own room & you can have mummy & daddy’s room”

Son: “but I’ll be married & have FOUR boys as I’ve got lots of boy’s toys”

Daughter: “well I’m taking all MY toys as I’m only having one baby, and I hope it’s a girl as all the boys in my school are silly”

Son: “I wonder which girl I’ll marry”

Daughter: “well you COULD marry a boy because that’s allowed”

The pair of them crack me up – they’re nutters, but they’re wonderful!