Picture Almost Perfect!

It’s been two weeks since my last blog post.

But this time it’s been for the right reasons – instead of sitting in the arm chair every Friday afternoon, I’ve been going to the gym – and loving it!

When I started going about 3 weeks ago, I could run in blocks of 10 minutes. I’m now running/jogging non-stop for 1/2 an hour!

I’m feeling more energetic, I’m more focused on things, and I’m losing the pounds slowly but surely.

Last week I lost 1/2lb, and this week 1lb.

That doesn’t sound much, I hear you say!

Well to me, it’s massive!

I’ve been on this journey for 39 weeks, and that 1 little pound I lost today means I’ve lost 35lbs altogether.


I feel wonderful.

Clothes fit me. I have a jaw line. People who I don’t see often are commenting.

And today, I decided to do a quick before/after picture to mark this milestone – I didn’t think I would see much difference, but I’m blown away by how much I’ve changed in 10 months.


What do you think??

The left hand picture was taken in December 2011, just before I began losing weight, the right hand picture was taken 2 weeks ago.

Yes, I’ve got another 35lbs and more still to lose, but if I feel this good now, how amazing am I going to feel when I cross that finish line??