Keep on running….

This week I had a ‘stay the same’ on the scales.

I’m not disappointed though.

Since my last weigh in, I’ve been to the gym twice and run for longer than I ever have before.

Every time I add exercise into my routine, my weight loss pauses – I think my body goes into shock!!

What surprised me about going to the gym is … I really enjoyed it.

I set the program up, earphones in, audiobook on, and I’m away.

Last Friday, I ran for a block of 10 minutes – a first for me. Then on Sunday, I did a block of 15mins, and a block of 10 mins.

This Friday, I did one solid block of 20 minutes! In my head, I just keep saying “1 more minute” and I do it!!

The other inspiration I had this week came at my meeting.

I’m currently on a trial run as a helper – signing up new members. This week we were a little shorthanded so helped weighing people in.

It was great congratulating people when they’d lost, and giving out silver sevens & 10% key rings. But it was also good to feel like I was encouraging those that hadn’t had a loss. The sensation of being there to help can’t be beaten. I left my meeting grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

So here’s to another happy week, running, skipping & limping all the way!


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