Focussing on Fit

So I had another semi organised week this weeks foodwise.

Although it did start with me baking a loaf of bread, and then eating half of it in one sitting (whoops!); and then forgetting to defrost the ingredients for tea on Monday night, resulting in an Indian Take Away (although I was good and had chicken tikka, I was bad and had naan and poppadom too) (It was TOTALLY worth it though – delicious!).

I also indulged in a sausage bap from the canteen on Thursday, following an early conference call – but then I was so full I didn’t want any lunch, so that kind of balanced out.

What I’ve mainly been working out this week, is how I could build on my recent enthusiasm for using the exercise bike.

My son started full time school this week, meaning my Friday would be free to maybe do a class or something at one of the council leisure centres.

So I started digging round the timetable trying to find something that didn’t clash with my Weightwatchers meeting – sadly I found nothing. Apparently Friday classes have low turnout, so they don’t pout too many on.

So then I decided to use my council pass and go to the gym instead.

And I loved it!

I did half an hour cycling, then did Couch to 5k on the treadmill – and for the first time, I ran for 20 minutes out of the half hour.


So I think I’ve worked out how to use my time on a Friday, without impacting on the school/work routine.

Remind me of this next week, if I drag my feet!!!
PS, I’ve lost 1lb this week, making my grand total 33.5lbs all gone!


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