Roller Coaster Summer Weightloss

It’s been a while since I blogged about my path to healthy eating, in fact not since 25th June when I posted Wooly Flowers, Tonsils & A Bucket Of Chicken when I’d had a rubbish week.

If I’m honest, I’ve been up and down for a while with my journey since then, but the trend has been generally downwards thankfully.

I’ve struggled over the summer holidays with a lack of routine, but I’ve not given up.

I’m still loving finding new recipes online, and in magazines and the BBC Good Food website & that helps.

I’ve also started using the exercise bike again, while listening to couch to 5k – although it’s a running programme, I find it really helpful to have someone tell me what to do & with pacing myself – the upshot being I enjoy it and feel great when I get off!

I’ve also been asked to trial as a helper at my Weightwatchers meetings – its a commitment, but I think it’ll help me and I like helping other people so should be win/win!

I’m delighted this week as I’ve lost 2.5lbs which means since new year, I’ve lost 32.5lbs – I’m beginning to feel better & bouncier, all my clothes are too big, and I’m wearing make up regularly – a sign I care about how I look and feel.

Even better, I’ve not been this weight since I was about 22 and that feels amazing!

Long may this feeling last!


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