Wooly Flowers, Tonsils & A Bucket Of Chicken

After my mammoth loss of 4lbs last week, I resolved to work hard to not go backwards and gain.

I knew this was a possibility for two reasons:

1) after a large loss, I’ve always gained the next week

2) I’ve dropped a point in my daily allowance, and always struggle a bit the week that happens.

I had a great week, until Wednesday.

I spent the whole week knitting a flower arrangement.

Yes, I knitted a flower arrangement.

I’ve not gone mad, there was a reason!

My church was celebrating 164 years of junior/family church with a pudding & flower festival. The theme for the flowers was The Creation Story.

I haven’t a clue about flower arranging, so as knitting is something I’ve been teaching myself I chose to ‘Create’ my own flowers. (do you see what I did there?….. I’ll get my coat)

This was the finished result:


I’m rather pleased with them, and have had some lovely comments from my friends at church.

So, back to Wednesday. I got home from work about 5.30 pm. My daughter was complaining about shoulder pain, so I started having a little feel around when she burst out crying – all her glands were up. I checked her throat and could plainly see her tonsils were inflamed.

We were at the GPs by 6.15, who prescribed antibiotics & a day off school.

So, I was back at work by 7.15, collecting my current project so I could work from home the next day.

By the time I’d picked up the prescription, it was 8pm. At which point I drove to KFC & ordered a bucket for tea.

It was delicious. Greasy, naughty, and wonderful. But I couldn’t finish it all.

Inevitably, this had an impact when I got on the scales on Friday, when I put 1lb on.

I can live with that! I’m on this path for the long haul, and know that some weeks aren’t going to be by the book – that’s not real life.

Till next week! Wish me luck!

Ps. Daughter is much better & back at school.


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