One Wedding, One Week, Four Pounds

What a week!

After my weigh in last week, I spent the rest of the morning packing for a trip down South for a family wedding.

After hubby got home, we changed into smart clothes to spend an hour at our friends’ adoption celebration, then hit the road to Guildford. The traffic was appalling, and after a few A road detours and a stop for Burger King tea (yes I know – naughty) we arrived at the hotel & met my parents.

The next day, we had lots of time, as the wedding wasn’t till 4pm, so we walked over to the Guildford Spectrum leisure centre. – a fantastic facility, with ice skating, 10 pin bowling, soft play and swimming – both a proper pool and a leisure pool.

We took the children to the leisure pool – there’s three awesome slides (do I’m told – I’m a total coward!); waves; jacuzzi; splash pools; fountains and a small pirate ship with loads of little slides and shallow pools for the toddlers. We had a brilliant time!

After getting ready for the wedding, we were off!

The party was great – instead of favours there was a pick & mix stand, and instead of a disco – a juke box!

Everyone had a great time! And lots of family who I haven’t seen for a whole said done lovely things about my weightloss.


We got home at lunch time on Sunday. My daughter was very poorly all Sunday night, so we both stayed home on Monday to recover.

For the rest of the week, I’ve been working from home as we’ve had some work done in one of our bathrooms & the kitchen following a cistern leak at Easter.

So I’ve been extra careful this week, conscious I had a gain last week and been away again.

And it paid off! I lost 4lbs, taking my total to 26.5lbs over 24 weeks.

My next goal of 28lbs (2 stone) is only 1.5lbs away!

To say I’m grinning like a Cheshire Cat would be an understatement!



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