Up, Down & All Round!

Oops! Skipped a week in my diary.

In my defence, I normally update my healthy eating diary after my weigh in whilst waiting for the meeting to start. But I’ve started making friends, and even in the digital age, I think it’s rude to blog and chat at the same time!

And if I can’t write at the meeting, I normally catch up in the afternoon, but last Friday I was packing for a long weekend away in Dorset for the bank holiday.

It’s been a mad couple of weeks.

Friday to Tuesday, in Dorset with my in-laws, was lovely. The weather was warm& dry and we made it to the beach a couple of times, and had some great walks.



What made last week even more special, was I lost 3.5lbs! This meant I hit my target of 10% overall weightloss earlier than I expected!


Having said that, I knew being away and it being half term, that this week was not going to be great – a combination of having to guess food values when someone else cooks; too much wine & vodka; and a lack of routine.

So when this week, the scales showed a 2lb gain, I wasn’t surprised or overly disappointed.

It was expected and I know it’ll come off again.

Plus looking at the bigger picture, since January, I’ve lost 22.5lbs which I’m delighted with!

We’re away at a family wedding this weekend, so what will be will be. I’ll worry about what I can control and be super focused.

So wish me luck, and I leave you with a picture of our jubilee cake!



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