Knit One, Drop Two!


I’ve worked from home two days this week. I like the freedom of it but I do miss the company.

One thing I have found, is that I’m really having to make an effort to have a proper lunch. It is far too easy to graze or skip meals – which is NOT what I’m trying to do with my lifestyle – the idea is to learn healthy habits.

I’ve also found I’m not snacking/getting TV munchies as I’m trying to learn to knit. My hands and brain are distracted, and I’m quite enjoying the challenge. I managed a dolly hat for my daughter’s doll, although I’ve still got a lot to learn, it can unravelled 24 hrs later – but it’s a start!


I’ve just been for my weekly weigh in, and I’m delighted!

I’ve lost 2lbs this week, which means I’ve lost 20.5lbs in total.

Just 0.5lb to go to my next mini target of 1.5 stones.

So let’s hope this week I don’t drop any stitches – only pounds!



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