Walking & Working

Well this week has been uneventful!

Been working as usual, but lately I’ve started walking down the 7 flights of stairs at work, so I can ratch up the steps on my pedometer.

The one I’ve got is the WW one. It’s expensive but I like the fact it tells you when you’ve reached a healthy number of steps for your height/weight. After that, it converts your steps into activity points.

My main aim is to hit ‘healthy’ everyday as my job is very sedentary, and I’ve achieved that everyday this week.

On Wednesday, I worked from home, do spent the day on the couch! So I made a point of going for a walk at lunch time – just to get some fresh air & notch up the steps.

I even walked to the polling station in the rain to make sure I got up to healthy yesterday!

So weekly weigh in has shown a 0.5lb weight loss, which brings my total up to 18.5lbs in all.

So I’m striding off into the distance with a smile on my face!



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