The Seven Dwarves & Me

This week I have personified all of the seven dwarves.

On Monday, I was Dopey & Sneezy. I had the Monday blues & couldn’t get going, plus think hay fever may be starting as I was sneezing all day!

On Tuesday, I was Sleepy. I’d been on a course the night before & just couldn’t keep my eyes open.

On Wednesday, I was Grumpy. Frustrated at work and growled at everyone. That was the night my husband handed me a G & T and offered to cook – always a sign I’m in a foul mood.

On Thursday, I was Bashful & Doc. I was embarrassed that I’d been so grumpy the day before, so put my pragmatic head on and took the lead and fixed the problem.

On Friday, I am Happy! Despite my multiple personalities this week, I’ve managed to stay on track and have lost 1lb, making 18lbs in total.

Think I like being Happy: Heigh Ho!


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